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Egypt-Tunisia: Western financial aid plan could divert the revolution’s goals

Posted in Αίγυπτος, Διεθνή, Τυνησία on 5 Ιουλίου, 2011 by dikaiopolis07

Press Release by Arab NGO Network for Development[1]and Counter Balance

Beirut/Brussels – In a joint statement a group of 67 civil society organizations from across 12 Arab countries are raising concerns about the EU and US backed financial aid packages for post-revolutionary countries in their region on the grounds that it could damage the process of democratic transitions and divert the revolutions’ economic and social justice goals.

“The democratic change pursued by the peoples of the region is not served by increase in aid that comes tied with policy conditionality, further liberalisation of trade and investment, deregulation, and orthodox recipes that contributed to the injustices that Tunisian and Egyptian people faced” Kinda Mohamadieh, programme manager at the Arab NGO Network for Development. “Such conditionalities should not be re-enforced through various forms of partnerships and aid packages promoted in the name of democracy support. The path to development of each country should be decided by its own people, via constitutional processes and national dialogue.” Συνέχεια